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30-something weird person from Argentina. Love to read, have attempted writing in the past, am easily distracted and forgetful, tend to be annoyingly positive and have been described as "exotic" and a "super-hero" by memebers of this community who shall remain nameless (it's to protect them from frowns as people realize both these affirmations are due to love and friendship colouring their views and not actual facts).
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Series by Maia

Series of short stories, involving Max and Alec on missions for EO. They tend to end up differently than the great freedom fighter expected them.

They eventually become M/A. 

Warning: I am not very nice to Logan in these (though I do kind of like him).

Parent Series: None
Categories: General & Non-Shipper
Characters: Alec / X5-494, Logan, Max / X5-452, Original Cindy, Sketchy
Genre: Friendship, General, Humor
Pairings: (DA) Max/Alec
Ratings: PG13
Story Type: None
Warnings: None
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