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I'm Irma: 23, Aries, fandom/ship freak and avid writer. 

I am in a ton of fandoms but Dark Angel is among my favorites series and fandoms.  

OTPs: Max/Logan, Ames/Alec 

I have also been seen to ship: Alec/Logan, Alec/Normal, Max/Asha, Alec/Asha, Logan/Asha, Max/Ames and Max/Cindy. And I'm also partial to threesomes: Alec/Max/Logan, Alec/Logan/Asha, Max/Logan/Asha, Ames/Logan/Alec, Ames/Max/Alec, Max/Alec/Cindy and Max/Logan/Cindy. Overall, I'm a multi-shipper. 

If you would like to give a new pairing a try, then it's very much appreciated; however, please do not read something of mine if you don't like the pairing and won't budge on that view. Constructive criticism is fine, but commenting just to bash the pairing is not.  


Transformative works: Everyone is free to create transformative works on any of my material whether it be: continuations, remixes, artwork, fanmixes, podfics, translations, etc. However, I would love to be credited for the original work and given a link to the new work so I can obsess over it. 

Status: I will be uploading an Ames/Alec story as soon as I edit the first three chapters and write a little more of the fourth chapter. It directly ties into Body Crumbles. You can already find it (unedited) on AO3. 

Thank you for visiting :)

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