Dark Angel Transcripts

Dark Angel Episode Transcripts


Credit: I used to find my transcripts at twiztv.com but the site seems to have been taken offline. There was also a resource at darkangelfan.com a while back but that site is also gone. I found the transcripts at darkangelkyre.8m.net - finally! - and am most grateful. To preserve the script in case this last resource disappears, too, I have uploaded the files to my own server and linked them here.



Season One Season Two
1x01 - Pilot 2x01 - Designate This
1x02 - Heat 2x02 - Bag 'Em
1x03 - Flushed 2x03 - Proof of Purchase
1x04 - C.R.E.A.M. 2x04 - Radar Love
1x05 - 411 on the DL 2x05 - Boo
1x06 - Prodigy 2x06 - Two
1x07 - Cold Comfort 2x07 - Some Assembly Required
1x08 - Blah Blah, Woof Woof 2x08 - Gill Girl
1x09 - Out 2x09 - Medium is the Message
1x10 - Red 2x10 - Brainiac
1x11 - Art Attack 2x11 - The Berrisford Agenda
1x12 - Rising 2x12 - Borrowed Time
1x13 - The Kidz are Aiight 2x13 - Harbor Lights
1x14 - Female Trouble 2x14 - Love in Vein
1x15 - Haven 2x15 - Fuhgeddaboudit
1x16 - Shorties in Love 2x16 - Exposure
1x17 - Pollo Loco 2x17 - Hello, Goodbye
1x18 - I and I am a Camera 2x18 - Dawg Day Afternoon
1x19 - Hit a Sista Back 2x19 - She Ain't Heavy
1x20 - Meow 2x20 - Love Among the Runes
1x21 - And Jesus Brought a Casserole 2x21 - Freak Nation