RH Prompts & Challenges



A    adornment / angel
B    birth / bells
C    cookies / caroling
D    decorate / december
E    elf / eggnog
F    family / faith
G    grinch / goodwill
H    hope / hug
I    ice / ivy
J    jingle / jolly
K    kings / kris kringle
L    love / lights
M    mistletoe / mince pie
N    naughty / nice
O    occasion / ornament
P    presents / pine tree
Q    quaint / quest
R    red / reunion
S    snowman / scrooge
T    togetherness / tradition
U    unwrap / unity
V    visit / vow
W    winter / wish
X    xmas / xenophobia
Y    yule / yesterday
Z    zigzag / zipper



JULY/AUGUST 2011 (Ongoing)

What's on offer this time?

Coming on July already, we racked our brains to offer your this very special prompt.


Ask any two people about one single event and they will most likely give you five different versions. How did it really go? What’s the real scoop?

Choose any two (or more) canon characters and an event, big or small, and let them duke it out (physical violence optional! :-p ).

This session begins on July 1st, 2011 and will run until the end of August.

Deadline for all submissions is August 31th, 2011 @ 11:59pm GMT (6:59pm EST)

Minimum requirements are 100 words (basic drabble length) with no maximum word count.

All ratings accepted, though we remind you to kindly label your stories correctly and place them in the RH Challenges category (and under Challenge Response for story type) upon submission.

This may not be a competition with a challenge draw, but we still hope to see some of your awesome creativity, serious or funny, whatever you like. We look forward to reading your stories!

Best wishes and happy writing!
The RH Admin Team



If you are considering offering a response to one of the prompts/challenges above, please read over the following submission requirements.

1.            Any submission to a CHALLENGE (one which includes a poll to choose winners, that is) must not exceed a PG13 rating. PROMPTS, however, may be submitted in any rating the author chooses. This rules is in effect so that our challenge submissions can be read by and voted upon by any and everyone. (Authors are always welcom to write the same story with a higher rating for general submission at another time - just not for inclusion in the challenge draws.)

2.            All fics must be completed before the poll goes live. Previously, stories of multiple chapters were approved for submission as long as the first chapter or chapters submitted before the poll could stand on their own merit. This will no longer be an acceptable practice. Only drabbles, standalones or completed multi-chaptered fics will be accepted.

3.            There will be one (1) month to write and submit your stories, followed by a two (2) week voting period - UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE IN THE CHALLENGE OR PROMPT ITSELF. This may change if the need arises and when that happens, you will be informed at the start of the new prompt period.

4.            You do NOT have to answer EVERY challenge or prompt in a month for your submission to be accepted! That would most likely make for some pretty mad crack!fic - not that we're against crack!fic, mind you - however, it's not always everyone's cup of tea. Feel free to choose just one idea from the options each month.

5.            Submissions must be uploaded and classed as  type "Challenge Response" as well as placed in the "RH Challenges" category. If you do not select these options, your stories will not appear in the correct place and your Admin will not include your story in that month's poll choices!

6.            If at any time you require clarification, have a general question or comment or would like to offer your own ideas, please email admin [at] raisinghellions [dot] com. Please include your username, email and a clearly labeled subject line. Thank you.