Reviews For Faultline
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Reviewer: Shay Signed [Report This]
Date: 28 May 2011 09:26 AM Title: Faultline

You already know what I think about this piece :) And now that I've read this as many times as I have, the missing Familiars are so blatant and glaringly obvious. Who is this doctor person... he totally works for the enemy. Poor Ames is being manipulated most brilliantly, isn't he? He so is. *is certain - whether it's your intention or not*

Again, awesome writing. (Btw, should there be a period at the end of the sentence ending with "...without your legal agreement,"? Just wondering.) I can't wait for the following chapters that I so annoyingly inspired :D *giggles* I love annoying you when the outcome is more brilliance.

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