Summer Prompt - For Old Times' Sake

Well, it's official. There are more cobwebs in this community than members... *frowns* and I think it may be safe to say that a fair number of us are so rusty we can barely rustle up muster to move, let alone pen fanfic!

And so, we're hoping that there are at least a handful of you - of our awesome, much-loved community - that are willing to try your hands at some fanfic! We've missed you all...! (hides in dense foliage to avoid detection and recognition as a once-contributor)

Midnight Parallax suggested Summer Vaction as a theme and we're going to run with it! So have fun and let the idea take you where it will. There are no restrictions, rules or guidelines. Just enjoy and share!

So any of you writers who have a hankering for the old DA world, even those of you (like me!) who are so rusty that you can barely produce genspeak, let alone fanfic magic, are welcome to join us in our summer prompt.

We hope that you might be inspired by your own experiences or just the your fun ideas and talents!

Please join us in a mini-revival and share your creativity with the community.

Much love to you all and our best wishes for a happy, healthy and relaxing summer!


The Admin Team xx

--Shay (Admin) on 20 Jul 2018 10:11 PM 0 Comments