Welcome to the Raisinghellions Network!

Welcome to Raisinghellions, gateway to all things Dark Angel, a parent site for the DA fan fic archive, Raising Hell, the RH discussion forums, E2RH,  the RH Interactive Challenge community on LiveJournal, RHLand, and, as part of the extended family, the fan fic challenges community DA Challenges, also of LiveJournal.

RH is also pleased to announce that we can be followed on Twitter – a platform which will serve as an important communication tool should the larger RH Network be unavailable. RHTwitter has replaced the former mailing list which is no longer to our members.

Dark Angel is still a popular fandom, but in recent years has slipped beneath the radar. Many of the sites that once made up our thriving fandom have gone missing, along with their creators and maintainers. Files, fics, audio and video clips, forums and other assorted resources and sites that once teemed with people and infromation are now lost to the current fans and newcomers to the fandom.

As such, Raisinghellions strives to fill the void left behind. We know that our resources are greatly reduced but we will try to keep the fandom we love alive for many moons to come.

However, we can only do this with your help.

Fan fiction, articles, resources, fanworks, character studies, essays, discussion, DA media and live (active) links are highly sought after by fans the world over. If you have any content to contribute, please contact an RH staff member so we can see about preserving your goodies and sharing the wealth!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has assisted us in setting up the new site, and in particular our administration teams: To those of the past: CandyCentric, fee_kh and amaranth/abendster1601, and the current team: Kim, SkylarGrace and Shay. Recognition goes out to LaughtersMelody, Twinchy and ameliakate for support and suggestions along the way.

Please follow the menu links at the top to find the sites within the RH Network as well as contact details.

If you are planning to register with more than one of our sites, please use the same username for all. We thank you for your consideration.

We look forward to serving the DA fandom for a long time to come. If you think you are able to contribute to this site or the network in general in any way, drop us a line!

The RH Admin Team